Paleo and P90X: Round 2

Its summer and the weather here just can’t decide what it wants to do. Some days it’s hotter than blazes and some days it’s somewhat chilly. On the really hot days it’s difficult to get motivated to do anything. The heat just sucks the energy out of me and it seems like I’m tired all the time.

I didn’t manage to start P90X last week. I intended to but late nights and no motivation to make an early start kept me from starting it again. I need to get the prerequisites out of the way. Body measurements and before pictures are both really nice to have.

I did my weigh in on Saturday as usual and I had an interesting surprise. I’m down to 168.6 pounds. I lost 1.6 pounds last week despite the fact I felt like I was eating like crazy all week. It seemed like I was ravenously hungry every evening and I was stuffing my face with something. I have lots of fresh fruit in the house since its summer and every time I get hungry I eat. I’ve been eating a lot of strawberries and cherries lately.

I’m a bit concerned about starting P90X over again with the weight loss that is continuing to occur. P90X is pretty rigorous and will require a good bit of energy. If my goal is putting on more muscle mass I have to figure out what to do about providing energy for that change. Continuing to lose a pound and a half every week isn’t going to work much longer if I’m trying to bulk up.

I saw a post on Nerd Fitness awhile back that talked about bulking up and his recommendation was to count calories and adjust caloric intake appropriately for your goals. Part of the reason I really like Paleo is I don’t have to count calories or watch what I eat. If I’m hungry I eat something off the “okay” list without regard to what or how much. When I’m no longer hungry I stop eating.

What Steve at Nerd Fitness is doing to adjust his calories is adding dairy I believe. I haven’t added dairy back into my diet yet and maybe that’s the answer. I think another part of the answer is to up my protein intake even higher. I already eat 4 eggs per day and probably half a chicken. That’s in addition to whatever I eat at dinner which is usually either pork or beef with some vegetables.

I’m also wondering if my body is working super efficiently now and because I’m not exercising I’m losing body mass and weight despite my caloric intake. That doesn’t make a lot of sense but something is happening and I’m not quite sure what.

Anyways, I’m hoping to get my second round of P90X started and in order to do that I need to make sure I get sleep at night so I feel like getting up EARLY in the morning for workouts. It’s really not that difficult if I get my schedule right but staying up late in the summer isn’t conducive to getting up early when it’s actually cool enough to rest.

Take care!


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