Paleo Diet week 6 Anniversary and exercise via P90X week 4 Anniversary

This has not been a normal week. I had to travel on Thursday and that put a crimp in my workout schedule. It wasn’t as bad as I expected for the Paleo Diet. I didn’t really have any temptation this week there and I managed to stay Paleo all week except cream in my coffee on the trip.

It’s getting easier and easier to resist temptation on the Paleo side. There were donuts at work this week and I managed to walk by them without really even a hint of remorse at not having one. There were also pastries at the meeting I traveled to and again, no trouble resisting.

From the P90X side it’s been a tougher than expected week. It’s Recovery Phase to get ready for the next level of the program. I thought that meant easy but they introduced a new workout this week that kicks my butt. I’m not sure why but they have a workout called Core Synergistics that just wrecks me every time.

The week was supposed to look like this:

  1. Yoga
  2. Core Synergistics
  3. Kenpo
  4. Stretch
  5. Core Synergistics
  6. Yoga
  7. Rest or Stretch

Because of the trip I think it’ll end up looking like this:

  1. Yoga
  2. Core Synergistics
  3. Kenpo
  4. Nothing (Rest)
  5. Nothing (Rest)
  6. Core Synergistics
  7. Yoga

I’ve debated just extending the 90 days to 92 days to account for the two days missed but this doesn’t feel so bad so I think I’ll just make the modification and move on.

So, a really weird thing happened weigh in wise this week. I had to weigh myself twice because I didn’t believe the scale the first time. The day of my trip I had chicken salad twice instead of breaking down and having something nasty like pizza or a big greasy burger. I weigh 184.6 this morning. I really have no explanation for how I lost over 5 pounds this week. I’m stumped. What I do know is my pants are starting to not feel or look like my pants. Instead of being tight they are loose and sloppy.

I had a friend request more pictures and I was planning on doing that anyways. I think refeshing the pictures every 4 weeks makes sense to me. I really hate posting these pics because I still feel fat and pasty but I realize the proof is in the pictures. I think I’ll make the pictures a seperate post so it’ll be easy to see the 90 day transformation as it unfolds.

Take care!



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