P90X and Paleo

As I was doing P90X this morning I had a sudden motivation to write a blog post. It was sort of odd. I’ve been feeling a lot more energetic lately and feeling like the general lethargy that’s followed me around the last few years is starting to slough off.

I’ve been doing P90X for four weeks and this is the ‘recovery phase’ to get ready for the next four week of intensity. Yesterday was Core Synergistics which was a new workout. I assumed since this was supposed to be an easy week that the workouts would be light and I was honestly not looking forward to an easy week. Core Synergistics kicked my butt and I’m actually a little sore again.

When I started exercising again one of my biggest fears was being sore all the time. It’s not very motivating to realize you’re putting yourself in pain and plan to deal with it for 90 days. What has surprised me is I haven’t really been sore. The first week was tough but the other two weeks I haven’t been sore. My body is adapting well and workouts just aren’t leaving me sore.

This morning was Kenpo and what made me want to do a blog post is that it was actually easy. The first week I did P90X Kenpo at least made me sweat profusely. It’s not difficult but it was certainly work. This morning I barely broke a sweat in the entire 60 minute workout. It was entirely easy and I’m wondering if it sticks around or if it gets replaced by something harder.

Another interesting thing that happened while doing Kenpo this morning is I couldn’t stop moving. There are certainly pauses in the action while going through the video but I found myself constantly moving during the breaks. It really feels good just to move again. There is a spot near the end of the video where in the first week I felt ready to rest and today I just felt energy and wanted to go, go, go.

Nerdfitness put out another good post on April 10th about motivation and lack thereof. One of the things he mentioned in his post is how easy it is to follow the Paleo Diet. I must say I agree. If you devote yourself to the Paleo diet it’s ridiculously easy to follow.

In order to make weight loss a serious part of anyone’s life, you must plan to cut calories somehow. There are two ways to get rid of calories:

  1. Eat less calories (dietary changes)
  2. Burn more calories (exercise)

Doing both in conjunction is the fastest way to lose weight. If you can’t do both then just changing your diet WILL still have a positive effect.

I’ve mentioned this before but the reason I love the Paleo diet is that I get to eat as much as I want. Anytime I’m hungry I can pick up some veggies or fruit and have a snack. For purposes of weight loss, snacking on veggies is much better than fruit. Every week I buy some sort of veggies I can snack on. This week I have a bag of baby carrots. Anytime I’m hungry I eat some. There is no depriving yourself (as long as you eat Paleo).

I did some good research on the benefits of Paleo over the weekend and I want to do a good post on those benefits. I’ve been meaning to do that and maybe I’ll get it done today. I want to go in depth on the science behind the diet and why eating Paleo is SO beneficial.

Take care!


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